Nickel is found in a number of beneficial products of stainless steel and special alloys. Take a look at your cutlery next time you eat. A marking of 18-10 indicates that 10 % of the metal consists of nickel. Safe transport, clean and sustainable energy technology, and building industries are totally dependent on nickel. Nickel is also found in every mobile phone and television. Ambulance cars, sterile needles and hospital beds contain nickel. It is also recyclable and 80 % of all nickel is recycled via metal scrap and metal waste.

Copper is used in the production of electrical wires, cables, brass alloys and in minting coins.

Cobalt is used as a catalyst in the petroleum and chemical industries as well as in special high-strength alloys that can withstand high temperatures.

This means that, often without knowing or giving much consideration to it, we associate with products from Nikkelverk in many of our daily pursuits.