All occupations

Together engineers, process operators, technicians, laboratory technicians and PhD engineers form a dense and innovative learning environment. The company has earned a good reputation for assisting with training and education and the company culture is made for those who are ambitious.


Proprietary technology is key to industry success in Kristiansand. Unlike a lot of process industries in Norway, the technology at Nikkelverk is developed by local entrepreneurs, researches and engineers. Our research and development environment has a very high reputation and a long history and we put a lot of resources into maintaining and developing our position as leaders in the industry in research and development.

People, environment and technology

The interaction between people and the environment in a challenging global situation of competitiveness has triggered creativity, staying power and confidence. Since its establishment in 1910, Nikkelverk has gradually grown to be one of the world's largest and most cost-effective nickel refineries.

The company culture has a distinct dynamic in that it is open and welcoming to new learning, new methods and new people. This enables continuous testing of new methods in order to always be advancing technologically. Nikkelverk works closely with the University of Agder, the Technical College and other external expertise. Nikkelverk will constantly strive to maintain a developing environment where the individual is rewarded for their abilities and talents.