Glencore Nikkelverk is the largest nickel refinery in the western world. The refinery exports 100 % of its production, which consists primarily of nickel, copper and cobalt. There are about 50 different types of products exported to the world market from Glencore Nikkelverk.

All products are characterised by their high quality. The purity of the metals in the finished product is amongst the highest in the world. Extensive product development has been necessary to meet customer's demands. Precious metals such as gold, platinum and palladium are refined in a separate specialised plant. These products are used for various industrial purposes including in electronics and as catalysts. Sulphuric acid is produced by the gas from the roasting process and is stored in large storage tanks before being shipped by tankers to the world market.

Production capacity 2016
Nickel 92.000 tonnes
Copper 39.000 tonnes
Cobalt 4.700 tonnes
Sulphuric acid  115.000 tonnes