Social environment

We at Nikkelverk are proud of our work place and emphasise that one should enjoy being at work. A good social environment is a prerequisite for us to share expertise and give the little extra that is needed. This is a necessary quality to producing the world's purest nickel at the lowest possible cost.


In 1956 Nikkelverk bought the island of Great Krossholmen for 5600 kronor. The island is situated in Blindleia in Høvåg, Lillesand. This was passed on as a gift to employees and now there are 12 lovely cottages, 12 row boats and a large public pier on the island. The cottages are rented out to employees and retirees and are very popular for family trips.


Hovden is a beautiful destination with excellent ski tracks in the winter season. Nikkelverk owns four cabins so employees can take their families for a trip to the mountain.


Nikkelverk has many different sports clubs from football to hockey to cycling etc.


We provide free access for employees to the on-site fitness gymnasium.