Environmental Policy

Nikkelverk will at all times comply with government requirements.

When working with new projects, significant environmental aspects will be taken into account.

Nikkelverk will strive to achieve an efficient use of natural resources. This can be measured as reduced emissions to the environment, reduction of waste and recycling.

Through education and information, Nikkelverk will encourage greater environmental awareness at all levels of the company, including focus on the significance of biodiversity.

The external environment should be an integral part of corporate quality assurance and the regulatory work within HSE (health, safety and environment).

In order to maintain continuous improvement, work focusing on the environmental will be subject to continual adjustment and development.

Energy Policy

The Glencore mission, and hence also the mission of Nikkelverk, is to contribute to a sustainable production of natural resources delivered to customers world wide.  This includes the optimal use of resources with minimum impact on the environment. 

For Nikkelverk, energy is one of our most important resources.  Our focus on energy efficiency contributes to value creation and sustainability through:

  • Promoting procurement of energy effective products and services.
  • Improve the company reputation
  • Give the company comparative advantages through sustainable manufacturing
  • Attractive employer - contribute to environmental improvements and the technology of tomorrow
  • Secure access to capital; strong environmental profil and cost effective operation

We strive towards the lowest possible use of energy, and the least possible waste of energy in everything we do.  We are committed to operate in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and demands relevant for our company - at any given time.

We are committed to continuously improve our energy performance, and have set a goal to reduce our specific energy consumption by minimum 1% year on year.