Health, environment and safety

The clear corporate objective is that all employees shall have a safe and healthy working environment. The work day begins for all operating and maintenance departments with a ten minute safety meeting.

To prevent accidents and create the best possible working conditions, we must all take active ownership and responsibility in our everyday work life. For this means, an internal control system has been established to ensure that laws and regulations and internal company stipulations are complied with. This also enables a tool for continuous improvement in the area of health and safety. The departments of HSE (health, safety and environment), Corporate Health and Quality/Society assist in the organisation and facilitation of HSE activities.

Occupational health

The company has a well-equipped and modern medical clinic with a doctor and nurse in full-time positions. There is also a physiotherapist in a 40 % position. The health service provides advice and guidance on all matters relating to health and lifestyle issues. The main focus of the occupational health department is on the work environment and preventative measures that assess work-related health risks.

Industry safety

The industry safety force uses preventative measures against accidents. Effective training ensures that all such preventative measures can be implemented to ensure employee and company safety. Included in the measures are the presence of a security guard and security features at the port facility in connection with ISPS regulations.

OHSAS 18001

Nikkelverk is OHSAS 18001 certified. OHSAS 18001 is an international health and safety standard. Such certification means that Nikkelverk has minimised the health and safety risks that employees can be exposed to. This is an integral part of our internal control system with respect to the Work Environment Act.