Nikkelverk is committed to the principles of sustainable development, taking into consideration social, environmental and economic factors. We adhere to leading standards for health, environment, safety, energy, social responsibility and ethical guidelines and we contribute to the development of society where we operate. In this way we also maintain a top reputation, giving the company a competitive advantage and making it possible to retain the best employees and improve access to capital.

Nikkelverk's social responsibility begins with taking care of employees and their families. This is a matter of having a safe workplace and showing respect for each other. Concern for our neighbours motivates us to reduce levels of smell, dust and noise. Through the district heating system of Agder Energi Varme, surplus energy from our sulphuric acid plant provides waterborne heat to several thousand households in Kristiansand. Furthermore, we take competence seriously by hiring trainees and making training a vital part of our policy.

Internationally, we work with the University of Agder, Falcondo Foundation in the Dominican Republic and Friends of Haydom in Tanzania. Through these engagements we support internships as well as field work for students of various academic disciplines.

Nikkelverk participates and shows social responsibility by donating gifts and funding larger structures in Kristiansand city. The Nupen park in Kristiansand is an example of this. The bells of the Kristiansand cathedral and 'the Dreamer' statue at the city beach are also partially or wholly funded by Nikkelverk.

At the commemoration of the plant's 100 years jubilee, this tradition was continued and a financial contribution was given for the decoration of the newly built concert and theatre house, Kilden. 'Javel' and 'Danseren' were two pieces of art that were thereby purchased. Both are sculptures that are made using stainless steel that contains nickel. The art pieces were unveiled December, 2011.