Salary and employment terms

Nikkelverk maintains salary and employment terms for all employees of contractors and sub-contractors. The following is part of our General terms of conditions:

The Supplier's employees and the subcontractors' employees who directly participate in the performance of the contract, shall have salaries and work conditions which are no worse than what follows from current nation-wide collective wage agreements, or what is otherwise normal for the location or profession in question. This requirement also applies to work which is carried out abroad.

If/when working in Norway, the supplier is obligated to ensure that Norwegian regulations related to salary and work conditions, including regulations regarding minimum wage agreements, are observed.

The supplier shall, upon Nikkelverk's request, document the salaries and work conditions of the employees who participate in the performance of the contract.

Nikkelverk's assurance program includes regular audit regarding compliance with the above. Deviations from these terms, as salary, living conditions and so on, should without delay be reported to the management team or the union representative on site.


All suppliers should contact the purchasing department. Only pre-arranged meetings are accepted.

Terms for suppliers

The refinery is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001 sertified. We are committed to request the same standards from our partners.

Nikkelverk's General Procurement Terms is applicable for all contracts unless otherwise stated.

Nikkelverk's HSE rules for contractors is available in English here; Contractor handbook. Proper safety induction training and instructions will be given in English, German or Polish when required.

Suppliers are critical partners in our commitment to manage our business responsibly.  Suppliers standards. 

Privacy and the security of personal data is of great importance to Nikkelverk. This document​ provides information on how we, as data controller, process personal data concerning external parties.