Sustainability approach

Glencore Nikkelverk is committed to the principles of sustainable development, taking into account social, environmental and economic factors.

We follow the leading standards for health, environment, safety, energy, social responsibility and ethical principles. In doing this we help to develop the community around us. This enables us to maintain the excellent reputation of the company while giving the company a competitive advantage and attracting and retaining the best possible people.

We follow these commitments through continuous improvement processes and standards set by the company.

Safework is Glencore's programme to provide a common global foundation to build our culture of safety worldwide.  Safework is designed to give everyone in our business the tools and knowledge to perform their tasks safely. Above all, every individual is empowered to stop unsafe work.

The elements of Safework are:

We put these protocols in place to address common causes of fatalities and serious injuries.

We encourage workers to focus on hazards with the highest potential for serious injury or fatalities – and the “critical behaviours” they should adopt.

We offer tools such as risk awareness training, virtual reality training materials on each fatal hazard, and other training aids.

First-line supervisors are responsible for work areas, manage technical safety, and motivate safe behaviours.

We are wholly owned by Glencore and we manage the impacts and potential impacts of our activities, in line with Glencore's sustainability framework