Glencore's primary goal is to promote sustainable development in all areas within the group. Nikkelverk has its own specific local targets for emissions to air, land and sea as well as for waste, noise, climate and other environmental areas of concern. Within each area of responsibility in the company lies management responsibility. Management regulates that all matters relating to the environment are adequately safeguarded and that all deviations from public and internal regulations are corrected.

Today the company is a pioneer of environmental work internationally. The natural environment surrounding the plant bears witness to this as it is covered with woodland and trees. The sea bed outside Nikkelverk's port, which for decades was used for the deposition of iron sludge, is now covered with clean sand.

The requirements for future improvement put increasing focus on environmental projects, and through Nikkelverk's ISO-14001 environmental certification, the company has established an effective system to ensure that environmental work is given priority when decisions are made. The industry's official views on a number of important questions about health and environmental risks related to nickel can be seen here Nickel Institute's website.