Nikkelverk's social responsibility begins with taking care of employees and their families. This is a matter of having a safe workplace and showing respect for each other. Consideration for our neighbours motivates our aim to reduce levels of smell, dust and noise, where possible. Through the district heating system of Agder Energi Varme, surplus energy from our sulphuric acid plant provides waterborne heat to several thousand households in Kristiansand. Furthermore, we take competence seriously by hiring trainees and making training a vital part of our policy.

We have a close collaboration with our local university, Universitet i Agder. We support the project MyMachine with financial support and mentors. MyMachine is a co-creation project where engineering students design ideas created by school children in our local community. When the design phase is over, technical high school students builds the idea.  Read more about MyMachine.

At Nikkelverk, we aim to be an active and valued participant in communities, by supporting local events and initiatives. We are sponsoring the Sustainability Festival in Kristiansand which is held during the summer every year, also the yearly LGBTQ-festival, and we support the development of bicycle roads in Kristiansand.

Furthermore, we work actively to have a supportive working culture by facilitating a working environment even for those who have trouble reading and writing. We do this by using clear fonts, figures, illustrations, offering courses and more. We are proud to be amongst the industrial companies taking an approach to improve the working environment.

Read our latest sustainability report here