Who we are

The Nikkelverk operations

Glencore Nikkelverk AS has a modern and complex processing system. Certain sections of this system have been patented. There is constant focus on improving efficiency to increase productivity. We are continuously experimenting and developing our systems to allow an increased use of alternative raw materials which often require special treatment. Glencore Nikkelverk has the necessary technology and know-how to process these unrefined materials.

The Nikkelverk process begins by crushing the raw material into a fine powder and transporting it to the chlorine leach plant. Here the metals in the raw material are separated by addition of chlorine in hydrochloric acid. The separated streams are then sent to different processing areas for purification and refining. These various areas treat gaseous, liquid and solid materials.

The different process areas are:

  • Chlorine leach
  • Electrolyte purification
  • Cobalt refinery
  • Nickel electrolysis
  • Roaster and sulphuric acid
  • Copper electrolysis
  • Matte leaching
  • Precious metals


From these areas, the different products are sent for finishing treatment, cutting and packaging before they are shipped out to the world market. Nikkelverk was the first plant in Norway to install computerised process control. This began in 1966 and the later expansion and development of this system has played a big part in increasing the flexibility of the various processes.