Who we are

At a glance

Glencore Nikkelverk is the biggest nickel refinery in the western world. We export 100% of the production, primarily containing nickel, copper and cobalt. Around 50 product variances are exported to markets all over the world from the Nikkelverk. A characteristic of all the products is high quality and the purity of the finished metals are amongst the highest in the world.

We produce pure nickel

We produce pure nickel

Since 1910 we have refined, produced and exported nickel and other metals from the production plants in Kristiansand. Product development has been necessary to satisfy the needs of the customers. Our environmental, energy and process technology has made the Nikkelverk plant one of the most effective and technologically advanced refineries in the world. With a focus on sustainable value creation we will continue to be one of the best.

Our strategy to please our customers and stakeholders is built around our business model – Nikkelverk Business System. We strive to deliver high quality products that satisfy the demands of our customers, now and in the future. When the process is stable and predictable we can minimize metal loss and position ourselves to handle even more complex raw materials. Our activities focus on reducing waste and optimizing the use of our resources to reduce our production costs and maintain our competitive advantage.

We are proud of being a part of Glencore, one of the biggest global and diversified companies within raw material. As a leading and integrated producer and marketer of products and with a diversified portfolio of various industrial assets, we are well positioned to create value through the value chain. From collecting minerals deep in the mountains to delivering quality products to our international customer base.

We produce the world’s purest nickel and cobalt, as well as ferronickel, copper and a variety of other products. We are also one of the largest manufacturers of recycled nickel and cobalt containing materials.

Materials containing nickel play a vital role in our modern society and nickel can be found in everything from kitchen utensils, equipment for medical devices, cellular phones, wind turbines, computers, coins, vessels, automobile batteries and aircrafts. Furthermore, nickel is recyclable and 80 % of all nickel is recycled via metal scrap and metal waste.

Copper is used in the production of electrical wires, cables, brass alloys and in minting coins. Cobalt is used as a catalyst in the petroleum and chemical industries as well as in special high-strength alloys that can withstand high temperatures.