Glencore Nikkelverk is an important part of the green future. Our nickel is used in green technologies all over the world, such as in batteries for electric vehicles.

We are wholly owned by Glencore and we manage our current and potential actions in line with Glencore’s sustainability framework.

Integration of sustainability throughout the business is a part of the Glencore company strategy. Glencore’s approach to sustainability addresses the key fundaments health, safety, environment, society and human rights.

The framework and its supportive guidelines are aligned with international standards and affect all of the possessions that Glencore controls.

They create a standardised approach for risk management related to health, safety, environment, society, human rights, as well as financial and legal aspects of our operations.

Sustainability approach

Nikkelverk is committed to the principles of sustainable development.
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Our policy

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Nikkelverk's social responsibility begins with taking care of employees and their families.
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The safety of our employees is our top priority and we focus on this throughout our entire operation.
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